AMDG Financial Offers Complimentary E-book to Guide Charitable Giving

Each year, individuals and families receive numerous requests for donations by nonprofit organizations in need of cash, but knowing how and when to give can be confusing for those who want to help. A new e-book from AMDG Financial offers insightful tips to help donors maximize their charitable impact, while becoming good financial stewards in the process. Read more..

Shopping for a Tax Preparer? Look for the Proper Qualifications
Spurred by increased reports of identity theft and fraudulent refunds, some taxpayers may opt to work with a paid tax preparer this year instead of filing their taxes on their own through an online tax service. For those considering a paid preparer for the first time, Wayne Titus, CPA, PFS, AIFA® recommends asking 10 questions developed by the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants. Read more...
First Quarter 2015 Outlook
The Year 2014 in Review
Good Financial Stewardship Includes a Thoughtful Approach to Charitable Giving
Charities receive most of their donations during the December holiday season, when Americans are at their most generous. But while a one-time donation may feel good, Wayne Titus, founding member of AMDG Financial, says a long-term strategy and strategic gifting in high-income years can help both donors and charities prosper financially. Read more...
From Simply Saving to Financial Stewardship: What Millennials Need to Know
With the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) still fresh in their minds, more young people than ever have started saving for the future. But according to Wayne Titus, founding member of AMDG Financial, savings are just one part of the equation when it comes to creating long-term financial security. Read more...
Don't Wait for Tax Extenders to Begin Year-End Tax Planning
As U.S. lawmakers work through their lame-duck session, many taxpayers are waiting to see whether Congress will approve more than 50 provisions that extend tax breaks for individuals and businesses. But Wayne Titus, founding member of AMDG Financial, says don't wait - now is the time to begin year-end tax planning, with or without Congress's help. Read more...
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