Who are AMDG Financial's Clients?

Our clients tend to be:

  • Family Stewards - Individuals whose dominant focus is to take care of their family. They tend to be both personally and professionally conservative and typically have limited knowledge about investing.
  • Financial Phobics - Individuals often frustrated and confused by the responsibility of wealth, dislike investing and avoid technical discussions of it. They choose their advisors based on personal trust.
  • Independents - Seeking the personal freedom that wealth makes possible. They know wealth is a means to an end, but are uninterested in the process of investing itself.
  • Entrepreneurial Business Clients - Business owners, including professional partnerships or corporations, looking to reduce their tax expenses by integrating with smart retirement plans. Our unique skills enable us to guide these clients through this process to implement smart solutions.
  • Investment Committees - Stewards who must make long-term best-interest decisions on behalf of current and future beneficiaries of an endowment. 
  • Charitable Boards - Nonprofit boards of directors who must help charities keep the doors open and lights on, while also considering what's best for the organization's future growth.