Is Your Company’s Retirement Plan Placing You at Risk?

If you are responsible for administering your company’s retirement plan, you already know you have a fiduciary duty to your plan’s participants. That means designing and maintaining a plan that offers reasonable fees and a diverse selection of investment options. But how do you know whether your plan measures up?

Increasingly, plan sponsors worry about potential litigation from plan participants, or action from regulators who find flaws in their processes or plan design. To protect themselves and their companies, more and more administrators are seeking the help of expert fiduciary advisers who can help them navigate the complexities of compliance with their fiduciary responsibilities.

How AMDG Financial Can Help

AMDG Financial offers a proprietary solution designed to help retirement plan sponsors better understand and comply with their duties as fiduciaries, potentially reducing their legal risk and improving their plan’s efficiency and effectiveness. With AMDG Financial’s three-phased program, you get the fiduciary know-how you need, along with recommendations to help you increase the number of plan participants, reduce costs, and streamline processes. Then, we monitor your plan to help you minimize your legal risk so you can operate with confidence, knowing your company’s retirement plan is in good hands.

Get Started Today

The first phase of our solution for plan sponsors includes a complimentary, no-obligation assessment of your company’s retirement plan. Get yours and find out how your plan compares to similar low-cost funds that have been tested for longer-term performance and diversification.

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