Three things separate AMDG Financial from other planners and investment specialists.

We focus intensely on understanding and helping you live the values you hold dear. Fulfillment comes from choosing and living your values. Our important questions are not based on investments or returns, but on employing investments and returns to support your enjoyment of what's important to you.

We never judge our clients. As empathic advisers, we understand Sergeant Friday's approach of "Just the facts, ma'am," which (to us) includes how you think and feel. When we explore what you want to do, we also ask why you want to do it. At first we ask many questions. This part of the process helps you know that we know you. Our trust builds from this point.

We lead by example. The best rule is the Golden Rule. The similarities we share become clear not only in our conversations, but also in our actions. We are what we do. Real integrity is "walking your talk."

Our Approach

Our Approach

Wealth management accountability begins with a clear process.

Accepting professional help piloting your transitions to each new level, you should know
and trust the process you go through - step by step.

Any decision is only as good as the process used to arrive at it. A comprehensive process
examines the entire situation, then prioritizes and weighs every opportunity by thinking through hypothetical projections. You will be more successful and avoid unintended consequences.

Learn more about the AMDG Financial process by watching this video.

Our Process Explained