Three things separate AMDG Financial from other planners and investment specialists.

We focus intensely on understanding and helping you live the values you hold dear. Fulfillment comes from choosing and living your values. Our important questions are not based on investments or returns, but on employing investments and returns to support your enjoyment of what's important to you.

We never judge our clients. As empathic advisers, we understand Sergeant Friday's approach of "Just the facts, ma'am," which (to us) includes how you think and feel. When we explore what you want to do, we also ask why you want to do it. At first we ask many questions. This part of the process helps you know that we know you. Our trust builds from this point.

We lead by example. The best rule is the Golden Rule. The similarities we share become clear not only in our conversations, but also in our actions. We are what we do. Real integrity is "walking your talk."

Our Approach


Our process, which we call Fiduciary GPSSM,  is a bit like the sport of orienteering.

In orienteering, participants use a map and compass to find their way across difficult terrain to reach their desired destination. When working with our clients, we establish goals and design a "map" together to reach those goals. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Creating the Master Map

We learn about the client's financial situation, goals, and interests.

Step 2: Orienting the Map

We present an investment plan and other recommendations based on our analysis of the client's information. We also discuss AMDG Financial's approach to investing.

Step 3: Decision Point

The client determines whether to commit to an advisory relationship and accept our recommendations.

Step 4: Interim Checkpoint Meeting

A meeting scheduled shortly after the decision point to organize account transfers and other necessary paperwork.

Step 5: Regular Checkpoint Meetings

We meet at prescribed intervals (usually once or twice a year, depending on the scope of the relationship) to discuss the client's progress toward goals and any changes in the client's situation. Throughout this time, we may also meet with, or seek input from, our team of subject-matter experts and/or the client's other advisers. This way, we maintain a holistic view of our client's overall financial picture.



Learn more about the AMDG Financial process by watching this video.

Our Process Explained