Many Minds, One Purpose

Foursight Alliance

At AMDG Financial, we know that the financial advice you receive today can have a lasting effect on your financial wellbeing, as well as your family’s, for generations to come. And because we recognize the importance of providing advice that places your interests first, AMDG Financial is a founding member of the FourSIGHT Alliance – a national network of fee-only, client-centric advisers who bring additional expertise and an unbiased perspective to ensure our clients are getting the most from their investment strategies.

The guiding principles of the FourSIGHT Alliance are leadership, integrity, stewardship and trust (LIST). Alliance members act as an investment committee, sounding board and intellectual resource for each other, pooling their diverse experience, high-level credentials, and unique skill sets to benefit each firm’s clients.

The FourSIGHT Alliance provides value to clients in three major ways:

Personal Service Plus – Clients of the FourSIGHT Alliance partners not only get the personal attention they expect from a boutique advisory firm; they also benefit from the firm’s access to additional expertise and unbiased perspectives from other trusted advisers.

A Synergistic Approach – While member firms have their own strengths, the FourSIGHT Alliance enables those firms to leverage the strengths of other members. Clients benefit from a wider network of resources, including research and individuals with specialized practice areas.

Thought Leadership – Through regular communication and collaborative study, members of the FourSIGHT Alliance share ideas and develop investment strategies that place the interest of their clients first.

FourSIGHT Alliance Founding Members

The FourSIGHT Alliance represents members who are committed to excellence above and beyond legal, regulatory and professional-body requirements. The Alliance symbolizes trust – not only among its members, but also between members and their clients.

The FourSIGHT Alliance is not a registered investment advisory firm and does not provide investment advice. Shared investment information between Alliance members relates to general economic and investment principles. Specific investment recommendations are not determined or generated by the Alliance.