AMDG Financial is a fee-only, fiduciary Registered Investment Adviser located in Plymouth, Michigan.
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Why AMDG Financial?

Why AMDG Financial

An adviser is an adviser is an adviser, right? Wrong. Not everyone claiming the title of "financial adviser" has an obligation to place their clients' interests first. AMDG Financial is a fee-only, fiduciary investment advisory firm. We provide an unbiased perspective and base our recommendations solely on your needs, not the needs of our firm. And, we take steps to ensure all of our processes align with our client-first philosophy.

A Seasoned Team

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While we're located in Plymouth, Michigan, AMDG Financial's team of professionals works with clients all over the United States. Using video conferencing and other technology, we're able to meet with you virtually, as well as in person! Our team consists of core staff members and consultants who work together to help you achieve your life and financial goals. And we always keep your best interests in mind.

Latest News

AMDG Financial frequently shares its expertise on issues such as financial literacy, retirement planning, education planning, charitable giving, endowments, tax planning and the impact of life events on financial wellbeing through our blog. Check out our latest posts, and subscribe now!